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Our mission is as ambitious as it is simple: we combine comfort, an essential feature of ‘sportswear, with glamour, which has always ruled in the field of fashion. Through our collections we redefine and revamp the concept of the sporty wardrobe.  Being elegant, sophisticated and fashion has never been so comfortable and fun. We experience always new combinations of fabrics and prints risking without loosing sight of simplicity and practicality. Varenna produces a line of sports garments, with very high technical performance, quality, design and cuts that give rise to a refined and hyper cool aesthetics, which make our items perfect to be worn not only in the gym, but also in the free time. With our really chic clothes, you can run to the aperitif after the pilates class without fear of style falls. Design, performance and versatility are the keywords that distinguish a minimal and refined aesthetic vision that strongly believes that total sportswear has now become an expression of the contemporary elegance.