Borgo Egnazia: it's true, it knows the secret of eternal youth. Science says so.
Surrounded by ancient olive trees overlooking the sea, in the Land of Puglia, there is a white pearl
that gives prestige to our country at world level. This place able to stop time is called Borgo Egnazia.
We are in Savelletri di Fasano, and arrived at the gates of the vast estate of Borgo Egnazia, time stops and the journey begins.
Borgo Egnazia is the tribute that its owners pay to the architecture of Puglia, taking up the
materials, shapes and traditional colors of the beautiful table.
The hospitality solutions that the award-winning resort offers, are magnificent and able to make
even the most demanding customers happy. Pathways and arches wind through the typical Apulian nature and hide refined villas with private swimming pool, luxurious farmhouses and superb rooms in white tuff and local furniture. The wellness effect is enhanced by the natural light that
creates magic at any time of day or evening. There is also the Piazza, where it is easy to socialize or enjoy a pizzica. If Borgo Egnazia is famous for food and its restaurants, including the Michelin-starred I Due Camini, attract superfine palates from all over the world, not everyone knows that Borgo Egnazia is the hotspot of longevity, wellness and "happiness travel".
The international project Blue Zones has listed Borgo Egnazia 1°, on 5 regions of the world, among
places where the secret to living a longer, healthier and happier life is kept. The
so-called Blue Zones, selected by the proponent of the project and partner of National Geographic are
Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Ikaria in Greece and Loma Linda in
California. Blue Zones, through important scientific research studies longevity and quality of life,
considering the traditions and the environment of the longest living populations in the world.
Egnazia as the first Blue Zones certified hospitality partner at a global level. 
The value of being the first and only retreat in the world to know the secret of eternal youth is due to the fact that it expresses all the Blue Zones research criteria, called Power 9.
Among the Power 9 that give the scepter to Borgo Egnazia the most important are the perfect cohesion between nature and the local inhabitants, respect for the traditions of the Land of Puglia and the circadian rhythm, which guides the body in a natural way to take the time both to relax and to feel good in movement.
The Grand Dame of Borgo Egnazia who knows the secret is the Vair SPA. Vair in Apulian dialect
means TRUE. And Condé Nast UK in 2017 called it the "most life changing experience." Why
optimizing the surrounding environment so as to simplify the healthiest choice, making it the one
easier to put into practice, is the goal of Borgo Egnazia and its Vair SPA.
During the year are scheduled real retreats for followers of this philosophy of life; 5 or 6 days
for the intense Longevity program, and 3 to 6 days for the Happiness program.
The Longevity program is based on the right balance of the 9 elements necessary to live life to the fullest, leading the guest to discover what are, for him, the right habits to integrate or enhance in order to reverse engineer the results of his life. In order to obtain reverse engineering results for one's body and mind. There are activities of natural movement, lessons of Blue Zone Therapy, Blue Zone Food. And since wellness is also conviviality, there will also be an appointment called Wine, which in Apulia cannot miss.
The Happiness program has its roots in the Science of Happiness developed at Harvard in 1938.
At the base of the theory it is argued that neurochemical mediators and hormones are
harmonized through the balance between food, movement, external environment and the performance of activities in total contrast to the daily experience of each. Therefore the Science of Happiness program is focused on creating experiences to gently guide guests in their personal reconnection to the happiness that is inherent in everyone. The team of therapist-artists creates
tailored pathways aimed at awakening or enhancing happiness hormones such as endorphins,
oxytocin, just to name a few, through fun, music, traditional dances such as the
Pizzica and Taranta. And while waiting to meet our personal "Master of Laughter" Borgo Egnazia is pleased toreserve to the readers of Varenna Fashion BeActive a pleasant surprise.
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