We care about our customers, and we are extremely happy when a new customer decides to be part of our family! So much so that we want to reward your first shop with us with a Yoga Session in a Studio of your choice! It does not even have to be in your city, you just have to refer us to the person in charge and we will take care of all the details for you. You just have to relax and enjoy your Yoga session!

  1. Sign up with Varenna, if you have not already done so.

  2. Send us an email to gandini@varenna.fashion, with your name, reference of your purchase and contact details of the Yoga Studio where you desire to take your lesson.

If it is not the studio where you regularly work out, you can also give us that reference and if you are the first one referring it you get an extra class!


We will send you a code via email with the confirmation, with the Studio in the CC field, so you can directly arrange with them the date that best suits you!



    • This promotion applies exclusively to your first purchase in our online shop www.varenna.fashion.
    • There is no minimum purchase.
    • To avoid possible fraud, the amount that Varenna will contribute on your behalf for the lesson is capped. If the cost of the class in the Studio of your choice is above our contribution budget per customer, we will inform you in order to obtain your confirmation to proceed by accepting the balance due directly to the Studio, or alternatively to select another studio.
    • If you cancel your order, and return your purchase, the price of the Yoga lesson will be charged to your credit card.
    • The price of the Yoga session will be paid directly by Varenna to the Yoga Studio of your choice on your behalf. As they are the ones providing the service, we cannot guarantee that the Studio of your reference accepts to cooperate with us. In that event, we will inform you, so you can choose another Studio.
  • Varenna has the right not to provide this welcome gift, with the sole commitment of providing a free return to the customer for the purchased item or items.