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  1. Our Vision is to create a 360º experience around Activewear in an elegant and sustainable way. 
  2. Our Mission is to contribute to the happiness of our community by creating an environment where quality, sustainability, and beauty are at the centre of everything we do.
  3. All our garments are Consciously Made in Italy from start to finish, to ensure quality and to promote buying quality over quantity.
  4. Craftsmanship and exclusivity is in our DNA. Except for the basics, we limit our production to 500 pieces/model. 
  5. We only use recycled and recyclable fibres in all our garments, most of them from Italy, but we will introduce the best fabrics from all over the World. 
  6. All our garments are thought and designed to practice sports, and therefore to technically perform at the highest level.
  7. We only use recycled synthetic fibres because of the benefits for outdoor activities: UV protection, antibacterial and fast dry among many others.
  8. Our North Star Metric is Customer Satisfaction.