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 When you work with people and what Mother Earth offers daily, you realise the beauty of diversity and the richness of life that surrounds us. We understood we have a responsibility, because industrial processes go through a lot of waste every day, so we know each small decision has a huge impact. We want to be conscious about that and, of course, share this knowledge with our human community. At Varenna we made circularity our business model. The goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.. We optimise the use of materials while fine-tuning the

processes with our producers, eliminating waste, promoting recyclability from the earliest product design phases.

We are always looking for low-impact solutions in terms of natural resources and energy. Sustainable choices produce better consuming behaviours, leading to better world of better people. For this reason the way we select our suppliers is sustainable: we put the strongest effort not to waste anything, choosing recycled and biodegradable textiles from the conversion of PET bottles. Our materials are sourced and our products manufactured through a carefully selected network of suppliers located in northern Italy, many of which have worked with us since the brand was founded.

Our suppliers and collaborators are integral to helping us fulfil our mission to create beautiful, contemporary fashion

that’s fit for the future. Varenna is an enterprise where economic value always go hand in hand with human

values and fair work never steals people’s souls but, one the contrary, it heighten their dignity.

We want to have a positive impact for everyone that we depend on and for those who depend on us in return.

We can, and should, improve the lives of the people we touch.

The same way yoga does


For this reason we decided to offer the Blockchain certificate.

It is a unique Digital certificate, linked to a NFC code inside the garments that contains the main information regarding the product, its components, where and how it has been produced. Varenna has decided to offer to their customers the Ownership certificate, provided by the technological partner Trust Place, for 3 main reasons:



Varenna provides a trustworthy infrastructure for customers that guarantees the authenticity of their product



The certificate guarantees that the garment is part of a limited edition production, a unique handcraft piece.



The same certificate will guarantee the origin and the composition, proving that it has been

produced with recycled fabrics.


One of Varenna’s goal is also to build a stronger digital relationship with our community, through the Blockchain

certificate, creating a secure, disruptive and fun way to buy, collect, sell and recycle authentic brand products.

This is our way to way experiment an innovative approach that allows our customers to go beyond simple ownership, but to fully test the exclusivity of Varenna